Support Me in Ride for Rainbows

I’m taking part in Ride for Rainbows on 3 October 2014, which is a cycling event organized by the Club Rainbow to raise funds for families with kids suffering from chronic illnesses.

Since I’m a regular rider, I thought there’s nothing to stop me from helping to raise funds by doing what I’ve been doing all the time. There’s nothing better than raising funds without having to do any additional things other than signing up for the fundraiser and sending out a few messages to ask for support.

I signed up for the 100 km ride, and to be eligible to ride on the event day, I would need to raise at least $1,000 by 31 August 2014. So the target I had in mind when I signed up yesterday:

  • Bare minimum – $1,000 by 31 August
  • Stretch goal – $1,000 by 31 June, at least $3,000 by 31 August

At the end of the first day, I’ve hit $370 out of of the required $1,000. Looks like the stretch goal is within reach after all.fundraising

Please support me if you can by donating any amount at the following website. No obligations, but any amount donated will be greatly appreciated by these kids.



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