Get the Most Value from Canyon Speedmax AL 9.0 SL

Canyon recently updated its entry level triathlon bike, the Speedmax AL series, with its 2015 lineup. Similar to the 2014 series, this aluminum triathlon bike comes in 3 variants:

  1. Speedmax AL 9.0 SL – USD 2,669
  2. Speedmax AL 9.0 – USD 2,349
  3. Speedmax AL 8.0 – USD 1,599

The $300 price difference between the 9.0 and the 9.0 SL, makes it a difficult choice to choose between the two. What I can tell you is the Speedmax AL 9.0 SL, though the most expensive, gives the most bang for the buck. The Speedmax AL 8.0 has its own merit, being significantly cheaper than the higher end models.

I used the comparison tool from Canyon to compare the specifications between 9.0 SL and 9.0.

Canyon Speedmax AL Comparison

Comparison from

The difference among all the Speedmax AL bikes is  in the groupset and the wheelset. As the contention is between 9.0 SL and 9.0, I’ll be analysing these 2 variants, which comes with SRAM Force + Reynolds Attack set and Shimano Ultegra + Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLS set respectively.

I then listed the components that differ between the 2 bikes. Taking retail price information of each component from Chain Reaction Cycles and Wiggle, I listed all the components which vary between the 2 bikes and the difference in price. For components which has a range of price, I used the median price for reference.

Component Price Analysis

Breakdown of individual component price

Clearly, the Speedmax AL 9.0 SL, is the choice to make, if there’s $320 more in the budget. To be precise, for the price of $320, you get components that are worth $758 more. If you’re like me, with your own beloved wheelset, and would consider selling the wheelset in the resale market, you could get more money back from the Reynolds Attack. At the end of it, the out of pocket costs of the 2 bikes less the wheelsets are virtually equal at about $2,300.

One thing that interests me from the 9.0 SL standpoint is the SRAM R2C bar end shifter. Unlike Dura Ace friction based shifter which stays in position after every shift, SRAM’s R2C shifter will return to the centre position, keeping your hands in the same position before and after the shift. Of course the downside to this is that it doesn’t tell you which gear you’re in.

The SRAM GXP Pressfit BB poses a concern for me as I’m one who likes to tinker with my bike and performs simple mechanical tasks myself. Without a press fit machine, I wouldn’t be able to replace my own BB.

So I hope this helps those who are considering to buy the new Canyon Speedmax AL 2015.


2 thoughts on “Get the Most Value from Canyon Speedmax AL 9.0 SL

  1. I’m looking at the base model, upgraded wheels will have to come some time in the future and in reality as you pointed out that is the only real difference between all 3 bikes. I already have a Canyon with Ultegra 6800 on it, from what I’ve read the 5800 with be more than adequate on a TT bike. After all you won’t be changing gear all that often.

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